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Adriatic Challenge and Pitter Yachtcharter cooperation!Adriatic Challenge and Pitter Yachtcharter cooperation!

Adriatic Challenge and Pitter Yachtcharter cooperation!

Pitter Yachtcharter becomes exclusive brokerage partner for the Adriatic Challenge fleet


After years of excellent cooperation in regatta and event organization, Adriatic Challenge and Pitter Yachtcharter decided to join the forces by integrating the Adriatic Challenge fleet into Pitter Yachtcharter booking system. There could not have been a better business combination: excellent client support and fleet service quality by the Adriatic Challenge; and a great booking results from the Pitter Yachtcharter Austria.

What will change for Adriatic Challenge partners:

•Adriatic Challenge will operate as Pitter Charter Partner; therefore, partners will be able to find Adriatic Challenge fleet only in Pitter Yachtcharter booking system, in Nausys.

•You can find the Adriatic Challenge prices in each Pitter Yachtcharter pricelist marked Ba, which indicates the partner base in Biograd.

•Adriatic Challenge fleet will no longer be accessible in MMK or Sedna. Please, do not forget to change your Adriatic Challenge API imports to Nausys.

•As Pitter Charter Partner, Adriatic Challenge will be using General business terms known as “FAIR Charter 09 by YachtPool”.

•Pitter Yachtcharter commission calculation method will be applied to all future bookings of Adriatic Challenge fleet.

•Adriatic Challenge charter base in Split will not operate in 2019. Only Biograd base will be available for booking.

We are looking forward to even stronger collaboration with our partners in future and more satisfied customers in the forthcoming season.

Pitter Yachtcharter & Adriatic Challenge d.o.o.