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Have you already found the cheapest flight to Zadar airport for 2016?

Have you already found the cheapest flight to Zadar airport for 2016?

Click here for Ryanair CHEAP EUROPEAN FLIGHTS search engine. It is super easy to save on flight tickets by booking early. Zadar airport is located only 15 minutes car ride from Biograd Marina Kornati. At this location, your luxury charter yacht is waiting for boarding.


Ryanair news

According to official announcement, Ryanair will establish 13 new flight lines to Zadar airport in 2016, connecting it with European cities such as Berlin and London. Ryanair intends to keep its policy of low ticket pricing, allowing its passengers to reach Croatian shores for less than 20 Euros per flight.


In addition to aforementioned Berlin and London, Ryanair will connect Zadar with Bruxelles, Dublin, Frankfurt, Göteborg, Baden-Baden, Manchester, Marseille, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm and Weeze. Consider flying to Zadar airport next summer. It is to fastest way of reach Marina Kornati Biograd (20km distance). With new cheap lines opened by Ryanair, swimming in the amazing Adriatic Sea is just a few hours from your home address.


Such huge business leap in Ryanair’s service doesn’t come as a surprise to local tourist workers, though. Zadar region is perceived as one of the most visited destinations in Croatia, thanks to its cultural sites, gorgeous natural scenery and developed hospitality infrastructure. Home of unique Church of St.Donatus and renowned artistic installation called Sea Organ and Kornati National park; the region annually attracts more than one million foreign visitors.


Thanks to new transport lines, Ryanair expects to bring 315.000 more people to Zadar region in 2016.  The final number could be even higher, as company’s novel program of service improvement ‘Always Getting Better’ will surely lead to positive results. Airliner intends to invest in its mobile applications and online sources, as well as in redesign of crew uniforms and passenger cabinet interior. New airfare bases will also be opened, and changes will provide 230 new job positions in Zadar alone.