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Here is a list of the typical service and maintenance works that we can do for you. Of course, custom made packages can also be created. Send your request to stock1@adriatic-challenge.com and we'll get back to you with a proposal.

  • Deck, bilge and engine area cleaning
  • Antifouling paint, hull waxing (materials, crane, 4 days on dry dock with labour costs included)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks
  • Underwater hull openings and valves checks
  • Zinc anode change
  • Annual outboard engine maintenance and repair
  • Dinghy inspection cleaning and maintenance
  • Wooden interior maintenance and polishing
  • Annual engine maintenance (filter, oil and zinc anode change)
  • Inspection of all electric and electronic appliances including refrigerator
  • Pump checks (water, bilge, shower, toilet etc.)
  • Battery check
  • Steering gear inspection
  • Inspection of side and deck hatch seals
  • Airing the boat, running the engine, generator and desalination mechanism once a week during the winter period
  • Regular checking of moorings
  • Full after-winter cleaning (interior and deck)

What are the advantages of the Adriatic Challenge service program?

  • Adriatic Challenge is a company built on years of experience in high-quality maintenance standards, which ensures your boat’s value is preserved despite its age
  • extensive experience in boat maintenance
  • claims processed speedily throughout warranty period
  • cooperation with quality partners in service and repairs
  • professionalism in all aspects of our business