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Yacht charter management program

Why Adriatic Challenge Yacht Charter Management program?

With more than 15 years of experience in charter management, we have dedicated ourselves to constant improvement and growth. Strong and long-lasting partnerships that we accomplished with yacht owners are the results of our business quality and transparency. The charter base in Marina Kornati – Biograd nM where we now operate almost 40 boats is an attractive starting point for charter clients and is thus, an ideal location for berthing your boat. Furthermore, by organising the whole process, we achieve that the yacht owner has a real-time overview and tracks both the performance and maintenance of the boats. Besides, we offer a full range of new boats to purchase with premium pricing and financing, especially boats from the Beneteau group, as our sister company Pannon Yacht Charter is the official dealer for Beneteau Hungary.

How does it work

local winds and temperatures in Croatia

Yacht Charter management is a business relationship between the Adriatic Challenge charter company and the vessel owner. With this program, we offer you an opportunity to buya new or used vessel through different financing models. The crucial part of this program is the fact that most of the maintenance costs will be covered from the charter income.

For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com

Except becoming the proud owner of a new or used vessel, you will have more benefits. The crucial one is covering the heavy expenses, including insurance costs, marina berths, annual services, maintenance, etc. from charter income.

In case you already own a vessel, signing a contract with Adriatic Challenge will make you a careless boat owner as we will take care of annual maintenance and chartering of your boat.


For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com

If you don’t have the funds to cover the costs of purchasing the vessel entirely, we suggest SAILBOAT FINANCING via one of the banks or through a leasing company

Once you sign a Yacht Charter Management contract for booking, maintenance and repair services, Adriatic Challenge is responsible for:

•        all marketing costs, including exposure of your boat through our network of partner agents

•        high-quality vessel maintenance and repair services during the charter season

•        reception services at AC’s base

•        cleaning services during the charter season

•        winter storage and maintenance services

•        check in-out procedure

•        booking procedure


We will also help you with some administrative tasks such as;

•        register for onboard accommodation

•        import and equip the charter vessel

•        obtain all necessary permits and licenses


For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com

To sign a Yacht Charter Management contract with Adriatic Challenge, we recommend you to register a company for onboard yacht charter, but it is not obligatory. We can sign a contract with any boat owner company from EU with EU flag.


Even though you can buy a boat as a legal or natural person, only the legal person (a Croatian company) has the right to claim VAT reimbursement which significantly affects the final price of the boat. It may sound complicated, but the procedure is quite simple, and Adriatic Challenge can assist you with the registration process.


For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com


Once the Yacht Charter Management contract has been signed, the vessel owner transfers power of attorney as well as complete vessel documentation to Adriatic Challenge.

Necessary documentation:
• Signed annual mooring contract 
• Annual “use of coastal waters” permit issued by the local authorities
• Insurance policy certificate
• Registration certificate
• Navigation license for a commercial yacht (Croatian Registry of Shipping) 
• Marine radio license(s)
• Safety-raft certificate (renewed annually)
• First aid kit certificate
• Fire extinguisher certificate

Adriatic Challenge will sell onboard accommodation, take care of bookings and payments, as well as provide other YACHT MANAGEMENT services such as guests’ reception, cleaning of the boat and any necessary repairs.

The vessel owner bears these EXPENSES:
• Annual mooring costs in the marina,
• Permits and licenses (Navigational license and Certificate of registration, Marine radio license, Safety-raft and fire extinguisher certification, First aid kit certificate),
• Vessel insurance policy,
• Spare parts,
• Winter maintenance, conservation and repair services,
• Basic boat maintenance package (paušal)
• Antifouling material, work and crane (not included in paušal)

If the owner did not opt TheBasic Boat Maintenance Package (paušal), he has to pay for working hours and material for winter storage and maintenance according to Adriatic Challenge price list.

For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com

Damage repair costs are covered by the insurance policy or by the responsible charter client’s deposit. Repairs are done by Adriatic Challenge or a third party, depending on the nature of the necessary repairs. The owner covers the costs of equipment which might fail (and is often beyond repair) due to wear and tear, such as sails, refrigerators and ropes.

AC Basic Boat Maintenance Package (paušal) is a monthly CHARTER MANAGEMENT service provided by Adriatic Challenge. 

The monthly fee includes:
• minor repairs on the boat;
• regular battery charging during the idle period;
• bilge and bilge pump control;
• deck hatches sealing control;
• deck and rigging control;
• tank control
• ropes quality control (mooring, sheets, halyards) and replacing them if necessary;
• control of the navigation lights and replacement if necessary, except for mast lights (high- altitude work);
• engine ignition and ventilation during idle period;
• washing and storage of sails during idle period (1 set);
• boat equipment preparation for winter after the end of the season (washing / unloading of deck equipment, washing / unloading of sails and tents, washing and disassembly of dinghy, lubrication and locking of boat windows, washing of bilge area and general cleaning of the interior, disassembly of the gas cooker, dismantling of the plotter and steering wheel, tightening of cleats, dismantling of safety equipment and preparation for service, dismantling or protecting the cockpit table;
• equipping yacht after the winter season (installation of deck equipment, setting the sails and tents, fitting of rails, installation of dinghy, installation of gas stove, plotter mounting, safety equipment assembly, steering wheel installation);
• gas bottles inspection (does not include installation control)
• fresh water system service (cleaning of filters, drainages, L profiles, tanks and control of joints);
• inspection of the winches;
• service and lubrication of roll system;
• control and lubrication of mainsheet and front sail traveller;
• inspection and service of the steering system (tightening and lubrication);
• mooring control.

Used material is not included in the Basic Boat Maintenance Package (paušal).

For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com

The booking net income* is shared between Adriatic Challenge and the Owner on the following principal: 68% goes to the owner, and 32% to Adriatic Challenge. Out of 32%, Adriatic Challengeis financing the agency commission for sub-agents, marketing and promotion for the boat and reception of clients at the base.


*Net income is the booking generated revenue after deducting all discounts and Croatian VAT.


For more information send your enquiry to office@adriatic-challenge.com

The VESSEL OWNER can use up to 4 weeks of onboard accommodation (28 days) during one calendar year