• transit log – base service fee
  • outboard engine
  • towels
  • fuel charges
  • marina fees
  • transfers (taxi/mini-bus)
  • skipper fee
  • extra sails (please see our price list if you wish to rent additional sail)
  • National park entrance fees
  • safety deposit – a refundable security payment made on arrival in cash or by credit card
  • towels

A: All advanced payments should be submitted by bank transfer. Usually in two instalments (50% + 50%) depending when you have confirmed your booking. Unfortunately, advanced credit card payment is not possible at the moment.

A: Yes, it is necessary to have a skipper’s license as well as a VHF license.

A: Yes, it is possible. We can arrange for an experienced skipper at a daily rate. You need only to provide him with food and accommodation during your cruise.

A: Yes, you need to purchase a sport fishing license. It can be arranged in advance at your request. The license price depends on the length of your stay (e.g. one, two weeks). The price does not include the use of spear guns. Send your fishing license request on notification@adriatic-challenge.com

A: Croatian currency is Kuna. Sometimes it is possible to pay mooring fees in Euros, but not always and it should be checked in advance. Credit cards can be used in restaurants, shops and supermarkets, but not everywhere. You will find that services on islands are charged in cash. This is why it is always recommended to have some cash with you, preferably Kunas or Euros.

A: A set of bed linen (sheets, blanket and a pillow) per person is provided and is included in the price of yacht charter Croatia. Should you wish to have towels on board, the rent of towel set (2 pc.) is charged 5€, and is paid at base. You can also pre-order by sending an e-mail on address: notification@adriatic-challenge.com

A: Kitchen is equipped with stove, oven, fridge, sink, single kitchen cloth, basic cooking utensils and cutlery. However, the coffee machine, microwave or teapot as well as detergent and toilet paper are not provided on board.

A: Children are welcome to go sailing even at an early age. There is no age limit for sailing in Croatia. However, adult supervision is mandatory. You can install a safety net along the yacht’s rail, but note that this should be requested in advance. The use of life vests is highly recommended, especially during heavy weather conditions. You should bring a lot of games, etc. to entertain your children and consider choosing shorter routes and visiting marinas more frequently.

A: It depends on the season that you have chosen for sailing. If going on a summer vacation, pack as you would for any resort. Sailing vacations are casual by day, whether you’re on the ship or ashore. If going out for evening dinner for example, you’ll probably want to wear something more formal. If you decide to sail before or after the season period, especially if you are joining some regatta event do not forget to bring an oilskin suit, sailing glows, a warm cap and warm shoes/boots which are not going to slip on deck.

A: All our yachts have 12V outlets (like the ones you find in vehicles). 220V outlets can be used only while the yacht is plugged into the power source, if moored in the marina.
Apart from 12V outlets all our boats are equipped with inverters (12V > 220V). This power is just enough to support your laptop, or mobile phone charger while sailing. As soon as you are moored, you should plug the boat into the 220V power source and you may start using the 220V sockets found all over the yacht charter Croatia.
The main onshore-power source also supports the service batteries powering the refrigerator, boat lighting, TV / radio, water heater and other electrical appliances on board.

A: If you have fully-charged batteries, sufficient food and water, you can spend the night on a buoy or anchor in one of the numerous, well secluded bays along the Adriatic coast. But, always check the weather forecast first! If using the skipper service, your skipper will take care of mooring safety. It is always recommended to accept the skipper’s suggestion. Local skippers are familiar with all unpredicted weather conditions and local customs.

A: Yes, it is possible to change the crew. Just notify our office personnel, and they will issue a Crew list with new crew information. It is of course free of charge. However, if you need boat cleaning or new linen – this service is charged extra.

A: A couple of days before arrival at the charter base, send the filled up on-line crew list form and your contact phone number to our e-mail address notification@adriatic-challenge.com

A: Notify the base of your approximate time of arrival by calling the charter base:

Biogad: +38523385088

Split: +38521358344

A: If you are planning to arrive at base before the contracted check-in time, contact us at least 24 h before. We will let you know whether it is possible or not.

A: Do not forget to bring your passports, boarding pass, skipper’s and VHF license.


CHARTER BASE BIOGRAD: ADRIATIC CHALLENGE putnička agencija d.o.o.; Obala Kralja Petra Krešimira IV 38a, 23210 Biograd n/M – Croatia.

CHARTER BASE SPLIT: Niva d.o.o., ACI Marina Split, Uvala Baluni 8, HR-21000 Split

A: Click on this link. Here you can find all the details on the Adriatic Challenge base Biograd.


Safe car parking is available in marina. Click on this link. Here you can find all the details on the Adriatic Challenge bases Split and Biograd.

A: Nearby there are a few well supplied supermarkets which are opened daily. Click on this link. Here you can find all the details on the Adriatic Challenge bases Split and Biograd.


A: By all means you should bring your skipper and VHF license on demand.

A: The deposit must be paid by credit card, with the slip imprint (VISA, DINERS, MASTER, AMERICAN). The amounts of the deposits are: different for each boat. You can find them at the PRICE LIST.

A: The deposit insurance is possible. Please request the conditions on notification@adriatic-challenge.com

A: If you like to insure your deposit, you may buy an insurance policy before embarkation at the office.

A: We do not accept insurance policies other than ones made at the office.

A: The deposit insurance covers all the damage on the boat (sails, hull, small equipment…) and loss of equipment.

A: The deposit insurance policy does not cover fuel cost.

A: You will be scheduled for the detailed briefing on the boat with the charter representative. After the briefing you will personally check if the boat equipment corresponds with the check list status.
If you detect some damage or some equipment from the list missing, report it to the technical staff who is at your disposal at any time.


A: In case you have overseen some damage during check-in, AC allows you to report it within 24 hours from check-in, by sending SMS on TECHNICAL SUPPORT NUMBER, provided in the boat papers or bye-mail of the base manager.

A: You receive boat papers before check in on the boat, but you can sail out only after the boat is checked with AC representative who has to sign the checklist.

A: In case of any technical trouble or nautical accident immediately contact one of our representatives who will instruct you on your next step. The NUMBER is provided in the boat papers.

A: Please inform the charter representative of your required check-out time during check-in, in case you want an earlier check-out than is written in your Charter contract. You need to let us know 24 hours before about the new time.

A: The fuel tank should be refilled after expenditure (including the reserve diesel fuel tank–if used –and the outboard engine fuel as well). If you do not fill up the tank at the base we will charge you the daily price of diesel/fuel + service fee.

A: Prepare the ship following the QUICK and EASY instructions, located on each boat in the skipper’s desk. Please include an inventory of any item missing or damaged, so that we can replace it/them for the next charter. If you replace anything yourself during the charter period please let us know. If something does not work properly on the boat please inform our technical assistants during the check-out procedure.