What is Yacht Charter Management?

Charter management is a business / contract relationship between the charter company (AC) and the yacht owner (VO), whereby the VO authorizes AC to sell on-board accommodation for service and carry out maintenance and servicing, as well as all check-in and out operations during the charter season.

What are the advantages of Yacht Charter Management?

A business relationship of this kind enables you to become the owner of a new or used yacht yet ensure costs are already covered. Such an arrangement allows you to avoid the heavy expenses every yacht owner would normally be burdened with directly. Should you already own a boat, signing a contract with AC will bring you peace of mind as we take care of your pride and joy.

How to get going?

  • Choose the Yacht model you wish to purchase
  • Our experts will help you find the best deal, select the necessary options and equipment, as well as the best yacht financing model for you. We also take care of the import and delivery of the yacht, and equipment installation once the boat is in Croatia. Send your inquiry to stock1@adriatic-challenge.com
  • Select an appropriate financing model
  • If you don’t have the capital to cover the full purchase price of the yacht, we suggest financing via one of the banks or through a leasing company. Our experts will recommend the best model for you, as well as reliable partners you can count on.
  • Register your company
  • Open and register a company. The company must be registered for on-board yacht charter. It may sound complicated, but the procedure is quite simple, and AC can assist you with the registration process. Company registration fees amount to aprox. 4000€.
  • Have your Yacht Charter Management contract notarized

We will take care of the rest!

How does Yacht Financing work?

If you don’t have the capital to cover the full purchase price of the boat, we suggest SAILBOAT FINANCING via one of the banks or through a leasing company. Our experts will recommend the best model for you, as well as reliable partners you can count on.

Can an individual sign a Yacht Charter Management contract?

In order to sign a Yacht Charter Management contract you need to have a company registered . The company must be registered for on-board yacht charter in Croatia. It may sound complicated, but the procedure is quite simple, and AC can assist you with the registration process. Company registration fees amount to cca. 4000€.

For more information send your enquiry to stock1@adriatic-challenge.com

I already own a boat – how can I become Adriatic Challenge’s partner?

Once the Yacht Charter Management contract has been signed, the boat owner transfers power of attorney as well as the complete boat’s documentation to AC.

Necessary documentation:

  • Signed annual mooring contract
  • Annual “use of coastal waters” permit issued by the local authorities
  • Insurance policy certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • Navigation license for commercial yacht (Croatian Registry of Shipping)
  • Marine radio license(s)
  • Safety-raft certificate (renewed annually)
  • Should you opt for a package that includes booking services as well as maintenance and repairs, AC will sell on-board accommodation, take care of bookings and payments, as well as provide other YACHT MANAGEMENT services such as guests’ reception, cleaning of the boat and any necessary repairs.

If you choose to go with just maintenance and repair services package, the whole process is much simpler.

The vessel owner bears these EXPENSES:

  • Annual mooring costs in the marina
  • Permits and licenses (Concession, Navigational license and Certificate of registration, Marine radio license, Safety-raft and fire extinguisher certification)
  • Boat insurance policy
  • Spare parts
  • Winter maintenance, conservation and repair services
  • All costs, except for those incurred with the initial registration, can be covered through booking-generated income

The vessel owner DOES NOT pay for the following CHARTER MANAGEMENT services:

  • Administrative costs
  • Boat cleaning
  • Underwater hull inspection at charter check-out
  • Gas bottle refills
  • Check in / out operating costs
  • AC personnel salaries
  • Office and use of storage facilities
  • Centralized booking system
  • Advertising in AC marketing campaigns

Winter storage and maintenance includes:

  • Deck, bilge and engine area cleaning
  • Antifouling paint, hull waxing (materials, crane, 4 days on dry dock with labour costs included)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks
  • Underwater hull openings and valves checks
  • Zinc anode change
  • Annual outboard engine maintenance and repair
  • Dinghy inspection cleaning and maintenance
  • Wooden interior maintenance and polishing
  • Annual engine maintenance (filter, oil and zinc anode change)
  • Inspection of all electric and electronic appliances including refrigerator
  • Pump checks (water, bilge, shower, toilet etc.)
  • Battery check
  • Steering gear inspection
  • Inspection of side and deck hatch seals
  • Airing the boat, running the engine, generator and desalination mechanism once a week during the winter period
  • Regular checking of moorings
  • Full after-winter cleaning (interior and deck)

What are Adriatic Challenge’s responsibilities?

Once you sign a Yacht Charter Management contract for booking and maintenance and repair services, Adriatic Challenge is responsible for:

  • exposure of your boat on our network
  • all administrative tasks (bookings, payments, accounting)
  • vessel maintenance and repair services during the charter season
  • reception services at AC’s base
  • cleaning services during the charter season
  • winter storage and maintenance services
  • And should the boat be damaged?
  • Damage repair costs are covered by the insurance policy or the charter client responsible for it. Repairs are done by AC or a third party, depending on the nature of the necessary repairs. The owner bears the costs of equipment which fails (and is beyond repair) due to wear and tear, such as sails, refrigerators and ropes.

How can Adriatic Challenge help you?

Buy a boat through AC and our experts will help you:

  • find the best SAILBOAT FINANCING model
  • register for on-board accommodation
  • import and equip the yacht charter
  • obtain all necessary permits and licenses

What are the advantages of the Adriatic Challenge Yacht Charter Management program?

  • Adriatic Challenge is a company built on years of experience in high-quality maintenance standards, which ensures your boat’s value is preserved despite its age
  • excellent results in charter booking, with boats fully booked
  • import / accounting / YACHT FINANCING advice and support
  • annual boat moorings in an attractive location
  • exposure of your boat on our network of 1000 booking agents and database of loyal clients
  • extensive experience in boat maintenance
  • claims processed speedily throughout warranty period
  • cooperation with quality partners in finance, insurance, service and repairs
  • professionalism in all aspects of our business


AC BASE SERVICES are yacht CHARTER MANAGEMENT CROATIA services provided by Adriatic Challenge, such as organization of on-board accommodation, reception services, check-in / out coordination, administrative work and repair services, all in accordance with Croatian law. Our clients benefit from the use of the AC office, storage and service facilities and AC personnel’s experience and skills.

Simply put… AC charges for its services by sharing the net income, where 65% goes to the owner, and 35% to AC ( from which the commission is paid to the agencies). Net income is the booking generated income after all discounts (as per price list rules), and Croatian VAT have been removed.

How many weeks a year can I use the boat?

The YACHT OWNER can use up to 4 weeks of on-board accommodation (28 days) during one calendar year.